Course structure

The required level of mediumship experience is mentioned for every training: beginners, intermediate, advanced and mixed levels. If you have any doubts about your own level of experience you can contact us to discuss.
Before the lessons commence you will be designated, after a brief interview, to the group which best suits your preference and experience. Each group consists of 12 to 14 participants. Basically you will remain in the same group with the same teacher throughout the course.

Our aim is always to provide everyone with lessons at their own level. To achieve this aim we have a short intake with each of the participants before placing them in groups according to their individual levels and needs. Once the groups have been formed we then link the most appropriate teachers to the various groups. It is, therefore, not possible to choose in advance for a particular teacher or to opt to only take part in, for example, a healing group. We do, however, take your wishes into account as much as possible!!

The meditations, lectures and demonstrations will take place in a larger mixed level group, with a variety of teachers. You can also book individual sessions with the teachers during the courses. You do not necessarily need to have the ambition of becoming a medium to follow a course. Participating in the lessons will bring you closer to your own strength and help you to become a more complete person.

During almost every training there are demonstration evenings which can also be attended by visitors who are not in training at that moment: on Wednesday evenings during week-trainings and on Saturday evenings during weekend-trainings. Check our website regularly on the pages mediumship/news for upcoming dates.