Trance Mediumship: Union of Spirit '19

Teachers: Sally Barnes, Libby Clark, Lynn Parker

This is a course for exploring the beautiful work of Trance Mediumship; which simply means to unite with our Spirit Guides and loved ones from the Spirit World in altered states of consciousness.

In doing so we empower a much closer and harmonious connection with Spirit, enabling them to work with us with greater and stronger influence at various levels and for different purposes; healing, inspirational speaking, philosophy, teaching, and for loved ones in Spirit to come closer and speak more directly to us (trance communication).

There is nothing ‘mystical’ about trance mediumship – but it is ‘magical’ to experience the union with Spirit with such closeness that can be attained when we let go and permit them to blend with us in a connection of mutual respect and willingness to serve, and with our permission - allowing them to lead.

There will be a combination of theory and ample practical work on various aspects, for example:

  • Guidance on ways that help to move the mind, enabling the ability to let go and move through possible barriers that hinder entering the state of calm and stillness needed to work more closely with Spirit.
  • Guidance for you as a unique individual 
  • Guides and their role within mediumship – building the relationship with them for trance mediumship 
  • Exploring your own spiritual wisdom and philosophy; how this plays a role in enhancing development
  • Experimenting with various techniques, and an experimental evening with Spirit using photography 
  • Recognising the importance of:
    - awareness of how you are uniquely affected as Spirit blend more closely with you, which assists in developing trust and confidence  allowing your uniqueness to be part of your development 
    - sitting for Spirit 
    - patience, letting go of pressure – just allowing the process to happen and accept that one small step is a precious part of what may become a wondrous journey! 

As you read this, if you are thinking ‘I would love to explore my potential for this! If you feel something stir inside, a sense of anticipation, or you have already begun developing trance mediumship and would like the opportunity to find ways that may assist progression, then come along and join us! Course 

Course Organizer

Sally Barnes


Mixed Levels

Practical Info

  • For those who maybe need to travel earlier or stay later, particularly those of you travelling from USA, Canada and Australia it is possible to book extra days. A pick up service from Amsterdam airport to De Zwanenhof is available. Why not book your self time and enjoy the beautifull city of Amsterdam.
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695,00 Based on a single room with shower and toilet


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